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LASOP Junior Board Member (Volunteer Position)

The Los Angeles Society of Pathologists, Inc. is seeking a Pathology Resident or Fellow to join the Board as the Resident Representative for the 2018-2019 academic year, holding the position of Junior Board Member. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a local society, to network with colleagues from other institutions, and to develop important leadership and management skills.

Expected roles and responsibilities of the junior board member include:

- Attendance at the monthly Board meetings and participation in discussions pertaining to activities of the Society.
- Attend the LASOP Monthly Academic Program (lectures and seminars) promoted by the Society.
- Assist in writing the monthly newsletter.
- Function as the ambassador for Residents and Fellows, voicing their needs and concerns.

Interested applicants are asked to:

- Hold a current junior LASOP membership (free for residents/fellows)

Submit for consideration of the Executive Board:

- Current C.V.
- Brief statement: please indicate why you are interested in becoming a junior board member, what features and/or experience you possess that make you a good candidate, and what contributions you could potentially make if you are chosen for this position.
- Provide a letter from your program Director indicating you are in good standing with your training program

CVs and statements from all interested will be reviewed and voted on by the Executive Board. The Resident or Fellow with the most votes will be invited to join the board.

Please send an email with your CV and statement to Shirley Jacke at and type "Junior Board Member Applicant" in the subject field.

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