5th Annual Pete Schwinn, M.D.
Memorial Golf Tournament



The fifth annual Pete Schwinn, M.D. Memorial Golf Tournament benefiting the L.A.S.O.P. Education Fund was held at the Los Verdes Golf Course on Saturday April 29, 2006. There were 28 golfers representing 10 hospitals, and 5 corporations. With the tournament fees and voluntary contributions we were able to raise approximately $4500 for the LASOP Education Fund. The low net score and winner of the traveling trophy was won by Bob Matsumoto with a score of 53. The low gross score was achieved by John Little, Junior representing Centinela Hospital. Doug McDonald from Whittier Hospital won $50 for the closest to the pin on hole # 12. Jeff Wheeler received $50 for the longest drive on # 7.

Once again, we all had a great time and as always we realized that the big winner will be our next visiting pathologist. That pathologist has not been designated to date. Victor Lee, M.D. representing Pathologists Overseas has several pathologists that he is considering, but he has not made his final decision. The next golf tournament will be held on Saturday May 5, 2007 at Los Verdes Golf Course. Please put that date on your calendar if you want to play.

Hopefully we will have raised enough money by then to sponsor the next pathologist to spend time with us here in our Los Angeles Pathology Community.

Many people have contributed to the success of this program this year. We want to acknowledge those of you who have financially contributed to this accomplishment. Our records show the following individuals and corporations offered a contribution:

Warren Allen, M.D.
Darla Campbell
Jeffrey Cao, M.D.
Centinela Hospital
Tom Cooper, M.D.
John Craig, M.D.
Keith England, M.D.
M. Friedman, M.D.
Karen Hammerberg
Dean Harvey, M.D.
Richard Henke, M.D.
Darryl Jensen
Jim Keefe, M.D.
Bill Kurohara, M.D.

Bob Matsumoto
Doug Mc Donald, M.D.
Geoff Moyer, M.D.
Jean Lapatagi, M.D.
Victor Lee, M.D.
Conrad Lu, M.D.
W. Naritoku, M.D.
S. Natrajan, M.D.
Janice Nelson, M.D.
Judy Pachciarz, M.D.
Pathology Inc.
Rand Medical Billing
Rollie Rebuelta
Jim Roach

Julian Ryder, City Adworks
Bob Schwinn
Cindy Schwinn
Matt Romansky
Steve Romansky, M.D.
G. Smith, M.D.
Bob Stone
Nora Sun, M.D.
Roger Terry, M.D.
Nick Tomasic, M.D.
Carl Treling, M.D.
Jeff Wheeler
Alex Williamson, M.D
Alfred Yamamoto, M.D.













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